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Eh ?

Okay, I don’t know how to rate this product. Let’s start with the good, this product I really admire because of its simplicity but it’s really made for people with normal skin with no problems with acne or dryness. The oils in this ARENT very moisturizing and I found jsut sit on my face instead of absorbing. This means it can dehydrate your skin so if you’re super oily or super dry, this isn’t exactly the lotion you should try. I’m also pretty acne prone but I was reading reviews and someone said it cured their skin so I figured I’d try it. It broke me out pretty badly, probably because of the olive oil. It’s a decent moisturizer but it’ll probably only get used around my eyes and when my skin is super dry I guess. I have hormonal acne that’s pretty acne prone, so it resulted in a lot of black heads and cysts. If you have acne prone skin just use something like Rosehip oil as a moisturizer. I’m sure this works fine for a lot of people but not for me

Awesome little bar!

This lotion bar is fantastic. Perfectly fits in my bag without fuss, the container is reusable and theres no overuse!
The best part is the smell; I have the peppermint one and it's not overwhelmingly minty. Even my boyfriend likes the smell!

Delicate scent and solid cleaning power

These worked well for me. I appreciate the scent (which didn't trigger my asthma) and how powerfully effective these little pods are. The packaging is minimal, too, just a small cardboard box. I will be buying more of these.

sturdy but difficult to clean

This brush is sturdy and made of quality materials, and feels like it will last several years. If I was basing this review on durability, it would get 5 out of 5.
However it requires frequent cleaning (at least in the land of LA smog) and is difficult to clean. You can't submerge the brush and soak it. You have to be careful not to get water in to it, while awkwardly scrubbing the wooden bristles.
I wish the rubber portion that held the bristles could be popped out and washed separately, then popped back in again.

Tiny Tiffin

We LOVE this new small lunch tiffin. My daughter enjoys the clips and it fits perfect in her lunch box. I am going to purchase a few in different sizes. This is the perfect option for a kids pack lunch.

Perfect for sensitive skin!

I LOVE the lavender grapefruit sensitive skin deodorant. I have tried many natural deodorants now, and the first handful all ended up giving my armpits terrible rashes after a couple weeks of use. I found that it was the baking soda in most natural deodorants that my skin couldn't handle. This is only the second natural deodorant I've found that works for my skin - and the first in the form of a stick! The other is a jar that requires using your fingers to apply, making this one easily the winner. This is my new go-to deodorant, and if you've had trouble finding natural deodorants that your skin can handle, I highly suggest you try it!

Awesome gel

I was skeptical at first but this gel makes my 2b/2c hair look awesome without weighing it down. It even refreshed well on day 2/3 with a little water.

Good even as without handle

I use this without a handle because they were sold out when I went in. I'm honestly glad I got it without a handle because it makes it easier to dry and work with.


Taste takes a few to get used to I think but once you do regular toothpaste is grose! So great for long term travel too, never going back!

Wouldn't Recommend

I bought this because the bottom of my water bottles were starting to look crusty, and this was unfortunately a purchase I ended up regretting. It smells awful and it doesn't work well as a bottle cleaner. I also tried to research on the company and it seems a bit sketchy... I could not find anything about how and by who these products were actually made by. I hope EcoCollective looks into this and finds a better bottle brush to supply.

Clean and Pure

I love how the packaging was also eco-friendly. I've ordered from other companies that claim they are trying to better the environment yet when I received my products they were packaged in plastic over plastic. For the soap. It's doing exactly what I need it to!

Good but not perfect

In the beginning this worked great for me (as often happens with natural deoderants) after a couple months use I noticed at the end of the day a sort of sour milk smell- not as bad as standard BO but not great either. I noticed that this works better in the winter probably because of hotter showers and less hot outside, I continue to use this daily after a shower but I add a powdered deoderant from Lush (the teo comes plastic free) on top after the area is dry. On the plus side I've been using for 8 months and the crystal has barely shrunk at all!

Great product!

This is a great option for a counter top drying system. It’s simple and clean and doesn’t add clutter to the space. We use it for our reusable bags and our baby bottles and accompanying pieces!

Not so great

Great idea...wish it worked for me...leaves me with the worst breath. Going back to Toms and using TerraCycle.

Works good!

I have 3b curly hair and it works just like cantu’s Curling cream. I just use less water than suggested to make the gel thicker.

Moisturizing bar

This conditioner bar provides my curly/wavy hair with the perfect amount of moisture without leaving it greasy or weighed down. I would buy this product again.

Sunshine in a jar

Amazing product. Nothing more needed to be said!

New Favorite Sunscreen

I was worried about trying this product due to a lot of other sunscreens in the past leaving a white film on my face and being difficult to apply. This sunscreen though, is everything I have been looking for in a product, applies easily and smoothly, and doesn’t leave any white or greasy film on my face! It actually also kind of acts like a BB cream and provides a little/light foundation like coverage on the face. I would highly recommend this product.

Never Going Back

Let me count the ways that I love this sponge. I bought two, one for the shower and the other for dishes. It lathers up so well and is the perfect size. I prefer it more for the shower than dishes but it gets the job done.

For the shower, it’s a soft exfoliant and the holes in the middle are perfect for putting soap that is reaching its end.

For dishes, it’s really good but if you’re like me and tend to not rinse their dishes from time to time, then it tends to break down quicker. To extend its life, I use the wooden dish brush for stuck on food and finish with the sponge. Regardless, it gets my dishes way cleaner than my silicone sponge.

Definitely would recommend!

I was searching for a plastic-free alternative for toothpaste and came across eco-collective in a YouTube video. It came in such a cute little glass jar and absolutely no plastic packaging! I loved that the package came with a hand written note from the store as well! It was a little weird chewing up the tablets because it isn’t something I was used to, but it REALLY worked. I was really surprised how clean it made me mouth feel. I definitely would recommend the toothpaste tablets to everyone!

Lovely shampoo

This bar cleans well, doesn't dry my hair and smells fabulous. But smell doesn't linger and isn't overwhelming. Love it. My hair is dead straight and I live in the desert SW. This shampoo bar works great for me. Plus, it's not encased in plastic and the little box it's shipped in is recyclable.

Where have I been? My new favorite item!

These unpaper towels were a gift to me and are amazing! Seriously way more absorbent than a paper towel, so cute on my towel holder, and saving trees everyday! Where have I been all this time? Just ordered two sets for friends for birthdays and they love them as much as I do! Did I share that they wash beautifully? Why wouldn’t you want these? Can’t think of one reason! Love love love these and the makeup remover pads too!

Way better than plastic brushes!!!

I cannot highly recommend this enough - not only does it get the job done and scrub every pot I throw it’s way but it lasts way longer than any plastic dish brushes I used to use. Been using mine for a while and the bristles still look like new, not bent and warped like other brushes get. This is an eco friendly kitchen essential!

I have been converted

I was so skeptical about these even with so many good reviews mainly because it seems very new-agey - like some special crystal that will magically make you not smell bad (lol) but I swear it works so well. I’ve used so many natural deodorants and have always been disappointed but the Alum Stone is just as good if not better than any non-natural deodorant I’ve tried. I also work out a lot (running and/or biking) 5/6 days per week and it even protects me through workouts! Highly recommend. (Plus it’s really pretty)

Never buying oak milk again!

This is a game changer if you use non-dairy milk - especially oat milk because it’s so easy to make. I thought it would take a bunch of planning (aka soaking over night) to make my own non-dairy milks at home but it literally takes 5 mins and the ingredients are so cheap. This nutmilk filter is super easy to use and clean and has saved me a ton of money!