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Works perfectly!

I've tried a few different brands and nothing seemed to work well...half way through the day needing to reapply. Totally different story with my new alum stone. Apply once and I'm good all day. In fact, I tend to shower only every other day and I've still had good results without even reapplying for the second day. It's that good! I love that it came without any packaging at all and it seems like it's going to last quite a long time.

Every day a sail day

I use my bag boat almost every day. Today it has a recycled baggy on it, salad spinner and drying a recyclable! It sits in the corner of the counter ready to work.

Just like everyone else, I was skeptical at how this could possibly work. But I gave it a try anyway. I couldn't find a natural deoderant that worked for me and I'm so glad I found this. Not only is it pretty but it worked perfectly and it's plastic free! I'm so glad I no longer need to shop for deoderant for a long time. Thanks eco collective!

No way this stone is going to keep me fresh all day?!

Seriously stop what your doing and order your very own Alum Stone now. I have tried a myriad of natural Deodorants that did not keep me fresh all day and I still hated the fact that they came in plastic... came across Eco’s Alim stone and was very skeptical. So SO glad I ordered one, I’ve had it for a week and haven’t had any pit smell or weird film, nothing! It’s easy to apply and I’m going to start my whole family on it. An additional plus, it’s natural do I notice it’s not leaving film on the pits of my shirts. Thank you to the ladies at Eco Collective 💜

cotton rounds

So glad I got these! I have been trying to cut down on my single-use products and these are amazing!

This is a really nice blush and I love that it's a creme. I got the shade, Elate, and it's definitely too bright for me; I wish I got a more neutral tone like Bliss. Otherwise, I have no problems with it; love that this company sticks to organic ingredients and sustainable packing. Will be trying another one soon.

Really nice

I REALLY like this product.. before, I had been using ELF brow gel and had been using that for years. Elate's brow balm is really nice, gives my brows a more defined, dark look, and I love that they have non-plastic, eco-conscious packaging; I'll be sticking to this product from now on. It works great, would definitely recommend.

I've been looking for more eco-conscious mascaras; although this does have a plastic tube inside, it has a bambo exterior, and seems for better than any non-plastic containers I've tried for mascara. It works very well, I've been using this mascara everyday and it has no irritation (as opposed to some mascara from other brands I've bought in the past). Would recommend!

Works Well

I was looking for an eco-friendly, more natural powder foundation to replace the one I've bought from a major cosmetic brand in the past. I was nervous that this wouldn't work, but it matches my skin perfectly and works beautifully. Would recommend!

Perfect for travel or temp work!

I do temp work and often don't know what the kitchen setup is like at the offices I go to. Some offices don't have dishwashers and only can provide disposable utensils (which are compostable, but that still requires energy from transport). So these utensils are a zero waste lifesaver. They tuck away easily in my bag and now I'm always prepared for whatever lunch I bring or the much needed sushi run on days that aren't going so well. I like that these can get through TSA as well so I don't have to worry about forgetting them in my bag and having them confiscated.

This is a great mascara! Elate Cosmetics is the makeup I use and love it.

This is the second time I bought this foundation. It covers so well!

Waste Free Deodorant

So I give this product 10 starts for the idea, but in use I'd give it a 2. Its so hard that it's almost impossible to rub on to underarms with out ripping at your skin. We've tried other waste free deodorants that do rub on smoothly which is great, I wished yours worked because i do love your store.

Hi Grace, thank you so much for being our customer, and we sincerely apologize for this experience. Our last batch of deodorants were mis-formulated and we unfortunately did sell a few before realizing this and pulling them from our shelves. We are currently reformulating this product and will have the updated version in store soon. We'll reach out to you directly with options to make up for this experience. Sincerely, Summer from Eco Collective
No stink!

I bought this stone after a failed zero waste deodorant cream. Very skeptical at first. But after using after shower and making sure the stone is wet, it has been effective. I rub on my armpits for about 30 seconds and have had instant results. No stains, no residue and no smell. Looks beautiful as well.


My dog hates showers and loves to rub himself in the dirt, leaving this white dog with a cast of gray. This soap not only completely removes all dirt but because I rub it on him directly, gives him a mini massage which he loves. His coat is super soft, bright white and very touchable. He now even allows me to wash his face. Love the soap.

A lot easier to use than I expected!

What a great razor swap! It is much easier to use than I thought it would be and at first I was slightly intimidated. The housing for the blade does a great job covering it so I don't cut myself and the blades are sharp enough to where I don't feel the drag/pull while shaving like I did with a disposable razor. Don't be afraid to try this razor, it is totally worth the investment, and now I never have to buy another razor, ever!

Love it already!

Well I really wish I would have known about this sunscreen months ago! It is incredible, I love that it is a solid stick that goes on smoothly. It smells like vacation/summer because of the coconut and jojoba oil and doesn't feel too greasy on my skin. I like that it's tinted a bit too, so I don't look like a ghost like with my other zinc based sunscreens. The packaging is my favorite, it is sturdy enough while still being compostable, I will never buy a different sunscreen unless they stop making this one.

Could it be true?

So far so good! I have been trying to find a natural deodorant for years, could this one finally be the one? It’s great! No irritation at all, and I can go through the whole day without body odor. I use it the night before after a shower and it work all the next day. Very pleased with this purchase!


Was skeptical when purchasing because most natural deodorants haven’t done the job for me, but this works really well. I tested it on sunny days running errands and it held up better than the dove deodorant I used previously. It’s also really pretty & hasn’t left any deodorant stains!

Perfect and local <3

This drying rack is ideal for pretty much ANY recyclable or reusable vessel. I even use them to prop up my beeswax wraps to dry. Great for narrow/small bottles and coffee/soda lids! Looks great on the counter, but quick to disassemble and put in a drawer if needed.
Had to get one for the office too! People seem to get a kick out of the little boat and it makes everyone recycle a bit more responsibly :) Highly recommend. Can't beat a handmade, local, chemical free, compostible product!

We use this nautical-style drying rack for drying rinsed Baggies for reuse (the grandkids love it when “full sails” are set (see pic). Excellent for small bottles and vases too. It usually sits in our kitchen bay window in full sun, but it works anywhere.
We might even swap out the wooden drying dowels with decorative colored ones during the holidays.
An entertaining and clever eco-friendly product, highly recommended.

Quick and Easy ♥

I love this product. I have been switching to eco and zero waste lifestyle and this product is a life changer. I asked my dentist about it and she thinks its great and loves the natural ingredients. Love the flavor and makes my mouth so clean!! Thank you so much!!!


I have mild acne and using this soap has really helped my skin look less oily and more healthy! I also think the scent is quite calming and very nice on your face. Would highly recommend!


I have used a tongue scraper for years but they have always been the cheap plastic ones. This is a great product. I have been using it for the past month and feel a lot cleaner. I used the plastic one i still had, and found that my mouth didn't feel nearly as clean. I highly recommend this one over a plastic one that you have to replace every month or so. This one is easy to clean and sterilize. Its worth the extra few dollars, in 2 months you've already got your moneys worth.

Love Alum Stone Deodorant

Some deodorants are flaky and get on your clothes. And even the smooth ones have awful plastic packaging. The Alum Stone slides on comfortably after a warm shower and I haven't noticed any moisture or odor since using it! And it's totally sleek.