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Moisturizing bar

This conditioner bar provides my curly/wavy hair with the perfect amount of moisture without leaving it greasy or weighed down. I would buy this product again.

Sunshine in a jar

Amazing product. Nothing more needed to be said!

New Favorite Sunscreen

I was worried about trying this product due to a lot of other sunscreens in the past leaving a white film on my face and being difficult to apply. This sunscreen though, is everything I have been looking for in a product, applies easily and smoothly, and doesn’t leave any white or greasy film on my face! It actually also kind of acts like a BB cream and provides a little/light foundation like coverage on the face. I would highly recommend this product.

Never Going Back

Let me count the ways that I love this sponge. I bought two, one for the shower and the other for dishes. It lathers up so well and is the perfect size. I prefer it more for the shower than dishes but it gets the job done.

For the shower, it’s a soft exfoliant and the holes in the middle are perfect for putting soap that is reaching its end.

For dishes, it’s really good but if you’re like me and tend to not rinse their dishes from time to time, then it tends to break down quicker. To extend its life, I use the wooden dish brush for stuck on food and finish with the sponge. Regardless, it gets my dishes way cleaner than my silicone sponge.

Definitely would recommend!

I was searching for a plastic-free alternative for toothpaste and came across eco-collective in a YouTube video. It came in such a cute little glass jar and absolutely no plastic packaging! I loved that the package came with a hand written note from the store as well! It was a little weird chewing up the tablets because it isn’t something I was used to, but it REALLY worked. I was really surprised how clean it made me mouth feel. I definitely would recommend the toothpaste tablets to everyone!

Lovely shampoo

This bar cleans well, doesn't dry my hair and smells fabulous. But smell doesn't linger and isn't overwhelming. Love it. My hair is dead straight and I live in the desert SW. This shampoo bar works great for me. Plus, it's not encased in plastic and the little box it's shipped in is recyclable.

Where have I been? My new favorite item!

These unpaper towels were a gift to me and are amazing! Seriously way more absorbent than a paper towel, so cute on my towel holder, and saving trees everyday! Where have I been all this time? Just ordered two sets for friends for birthdays and they love them as much as I do! Did I share that they wash beautifully? Why wouldn’t you want these? Can’t think of one reason! Love love love these and the makeup remover pads too!

Way better than plastic brushes!!!

I cannot highly recommend this enough - not only does it get the job done and scrub every pot I throw it’s way but it lasts way longer than any plastic dish brushes I used to use. Been using mine for a while and the bristles still look like new, not bent and warped like other brushes get. This is an eco friendly kitchen essential!

I have been converted

I was so skeptical about these even with so many good reviews mainly because it seems very new-agey - like some special crystal that will magically make you not smell bad (lol) but I swear it works so well. I’ve used so many natural deodorants and have always been disappointed but the Alum Stone is just as good if not better than any non-natural deodorant I’ve tried. I also work out a lot (running and/or biking) 5/6 days per week and it even protects me through workouts! Highly recommend. (Plus it’s really pretty)

Never buying oak milk again!

This is a game changer if you use non-dairy milk - especially oat milk because it’s so easy to make. I thought it would take a bunch of planning (aka soaking over night) to make my own non-dairy milks at home but it literally takes 5 mins and the ingredients are so cheap. This nutmilk filter is super easy to use and clean and has saved me a ton of money!

Recommend to everyone who uses makeup

This is one of the easiest zero-waste swaps you can make. I love them and use them everyday to remove makeup from under my eyes or apply toner. They’re super soft and can be used multiple times before washing. They also get softer after you wash them a few times! Liked them so much I bough then as Christmas gifts for friends.
You won’t be disappointed!!

Didn't work for my blackhead-prone skin

This product feels very safe and healing, however I found that I wasn't fond of the waxy and oily residue on my oil- and congestion-prone skin. I also found it pore-clogging, even though most of the ingredients are non-comedogenic (with the exception of olive oil, which has a comedogenic rating of 2). Unfortunately it won't work for my daily skin routine, but I've been using it on any dry patches during my retinol use, as well as a general skin salve :)

Cool but...

I was really excited for this product and I think it works well but there are a couple of things that could be added.
My first thought was the powder was really hard to measure because it had been mashed so much it came out like a sheet of paper and I cut it then tried to break it up into a powder. THe boiling process was easy, but I think that I didn't make it strong enough (too watery) because it didn't hold very long.
Love the idea but I need more instruction maybe? I felt a little dumb in my kitchen like hohoho let me make my hair mask.
Also does it go in the fridge? I have been keeping it there haha

Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for your feedback - we're sorry to hear you didn't have the best experience with the styling gel! We will work on communicating the instructions more clearly. Typically it's a 1/2 tsp powder to 1 fl. oz. of boiling water water ratio, and adjusting the water amount can alter the strength of the hold as you mentioned, so adding less water in the future might help in your case! We will also pass the packaging feedback (about the product getting squished in the packet) along to the vendor. Regarding storing the gel once it's mixed - keeping it in the fridge isn't required but it will help it stay fresh even longer! In room temperature it will last 3 months once mixed, but the fresher the better! Sincerely, Summer
LOVE- Thin hair

Ok, so I don't have curly hair. I have thin slightly wavy flat as crap dried out hair. I wash my hair once a week and THIS. THIS my friend makes my hair so soft. The softness holds until about 4 or 5 of no washing which is crazy for me. NO grease, easily spreadable through my hair. I am in love. I gave all my other conditioner bars to my friends knowing I would only use this one from now on.
LOVELOVEVLOVE. doesn't have a strong smell or anything. I would like maybe it one had a vanilla smell? Just because my shampoo is apple cedar vinegar and sometimes my hair smells like it.

Finally the right deodorant!

I have been searching for years for a deodorant that doesn't irritate my skin. FINALLY the search is over! Not only is this deodorant great but I love the compostable container and the fact that when I am done I can drop the cardboard container into my composter and not have un-recyclable plastic to deal with. Also great that I know what each of the ingredients are that are listed on the more wondering what I am putting on (and ultimately in) my body!

Great pot scrubber!

This is a great pot scrubber! The bristles are strong and stand up to the harshest caked on materials. I find that the handle is perfect for getting the leverage needed to tackle the work!

So great for dry skin!

I have very dry skin, especially in the winter, and this moisturizer helps more than any other I’ve tried. It does leave some oily sheen on top of my skin so I dust some powder on top. So worth it though!

The soap my kitchen was waiting for...

This is a wonderful zero waste alternative to what has become standard, liquid soap. This soap block is easy to use and lasts a long time!

Too small for any use

I assumed they would big enough to put in a sandwich but these are too small to use for anything.

Hi Japreet, Thank you so much for reviewing our products! I'm sorry to hear the pocket size bags didn't work out for you. They are best for small items like quick snacks, bar soap, a phone charger, etc. You might be interested in our larger sizes, in particular the sandwich size silicone bag by this same brand. You can check it out here! -Summer from Eco Collective

I drink tap water and can tell the difference after using this filter. I am hooked.

My underarms don't smell, at all! Love this stone

Absolutely love this product. I have extremely sensitive skin and a lot of deodorants sting or have contributed to rashes and darkened my underarms. I stopped using them almost half a decade ago and switched to alum. However sourcing the right kind of alum that didn't make your underarms sticky was dufficult. So glad to find eco-collective. The stone is magical. It is gentle on my underarms and my underarms don't smell, at all. And this is without deodrant or perfume.

Just what I wanted

I’m not a super smelly person, but I’ve had a lot of deodorants mix with my natural scent weird (mainly natural deodorants) or give me rashes because my skin is really sensitive- I’ve only use this for about 3 days but honestly I’m so impressed and surprised! This is definitely my favorite low waste swap this far, I HIGHLY recommend getting the alum stone! The shop was able to get it to me so fast and it was also packaged with care :)

Works perfectly!

I've tried a few different brands and nothing seemed to work well...half way through the day needing to reapply. Totally different story with my new alum stone. Apply once and I'm good all day. In fact, I tend to shower only every other day and I've still had good results without even reapplying for the second day. It's that good! I love that it came without any packaging at all and it seems like it's going to last quite a long time.

Every day a sail day

I use my bag boat almost every day. Today it has a recycled baggy on it, salad spinner and drying a recyclable! It sits in the corner of the counter ready to work.

Just like everyone else, I was skeptical at how this could possibly work. But I gave it a try anyway. I couldn't find a natural deoderant that worked for me and I'm so glad I found this. Not only is it pretty but it worked perfectly and it's plastic free! I'm so glad I no longer need to shop for deoderant for a long time. Thanks eco collective!