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Remove soap remnants to rinse out after each use

I've really liked this pouch so far. I didn't know what to do with my small soap pieces because they were too small to use but I also didn't want to waste them. This pouch dries hard if you keep the soap in it after each shower/bath, but softens when wet.

Leaves skin feeling SO soft and smooth.

Omg this will leave your skin feeling so soft, hydrated, and smoooooth, no matter the texture of your skin pre-application. It won't dry out your skin if you use it more than once a week.

If you struggle with dry skin, this bar will be a good addition to your skincare routine.

When I wash my face and body with this, it leaves a moisture barrier that keeps my skin from getting dehydrated.

Cleared up my acne and now my skin is glowing in the best way.

Love this product. It's the second time I'm buying it and this time around the product has applied slightly smoother, which could be from the seasonal flowers' pollen in the beeswax, idk. Anyway, I'm not going back to other face moisturizers because I believe with these simple, yet powerful ingredients, will keep my face acne free, youthful, and hella glowy.


I have been looking for a low-waste deodorant that works for a long time, and I have found it! Not only does this stone look nice sitting on my bathroom counter, but it also has kept me from getting smelly through some of my long days as a high school teacher with no air conditioning. I will say that it doesn’t prevent sweat, just smells, but it works nicely! Will be repurchasing if I ever run out!


I was super nervous about making the switch to using a menstrual cup, but one of the girls from Eco Collective suggested the smaller blue Lunette Cup and it is Life Changing! I no longer need to buy any pads or tampons, I have experienced no leaks and I don't have to think about being on my period throughout the day. I am so happy I have tried Lunette cup and I am going to suggest this to all of my friends!

Incredible price and investment

I use this bag for everything from a shower bag to hold all my stuff (i'm in college) to hauling my post office packages to shopping (grocery, retail, etc.). It can also be folded down to such a small size so it's easily portable. I was waiting to get this type of bag for such a long time and this price of $8.99 is the best one you'll find for an organic ecobag.

Not Great

I was very excited to try out a zero waste face wash from Eco Collective. The design and ingredients are great. However, after the first couple of washes, I discovered some sort of plastic inside the soap bar. It seemed to be in the middle of the bar and had pieces sticking out that would scrape my face. Not sure if it was just an error bar but I was pretty disappointed. Hopefully the rest are not like this one!

Hi Dana, Oh no, we are incredibly sorry that this happened! Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention - this is the first instance such a problem has come up with our face soaps. We will contact the manufacturer right away to ensure that this doesn't happen again, and we will reach out to you directly via email shortly to offer some options to make up for this very unfortunate experience! We value you as a customer and member of our community, and will do our best to make things right. -The Eco Collective team
Turmeric, Rose and Carrot Face Soap

This face soap is moisturizing and mild. Purchased it for myself, but the entire household is enjoying it!

Hair ties

Love these hair ties and went back for more!

Love it!

This soap lathers up and smells great without drying out my hands. It also lasts much longer than liquid dish soap.

Yay for earth!

A little bit goes a long way- I use this every day and I love it!

Love these!

Shorter drying time and no more tangled staticky sheets and towels!

Love these!

Love this stuff

A little goes a long way and this has saved my dry winter skin. Also love the eco friendly packaging and formula.

Personally found this a little oilier than expected, use on my hands:)

Great blush. There was a little moisture on the mirror when I first opened the compact(s), but after wiping it away it hasn’t returned. Guess it’s not a surprise, this product isn’t powder which I am used to. The moisture is a plus for my skin, also the color is really long lasting:). Will definitely be back when it runs out.

Love it!

Cherry blossom was the perfect color to get me in the Spring mood! The nail polish applies very smooth and dries in no time. I applied two coats for best color density.

Good toothbrush

One of my favorite bamboo toothbrushes and it's super affordable. The bristles stay firm for a long time, some other ones go soft after only a few uses. Also, once once it's no longer good for brushing your teeth it's great repurposed as a kitchen or bathroom cleaning brush plus so much more!

My favorite container!

This container is super great, I use it for everything from granola on the go to having it in my bag for restaurant leftovers to my lunch everyday. It truly is leak proof, I've had soup and curry in it with no problems. It's also very easy to clean which is a big plus. This is one of the only metal containers I have and I wouldn't trade it for any other one.

No more plastic throwaways!!!

So happy to move towards sustainable makeup. These cases are wonderful! The magnets are SUPER strong too. In fact, these are so beautiful my boyfriend thought they were too pretty to get "ruined" in my makeup drawer!

YASSSS, again!!!!!!

Color and quality are on point!


I love this! I'm 50 w/combination to oily skin. It's full coverage and i only grab a blending brush two times throughout a 10 hour day to blend out my creases due to my oily skin. Yet, 30 seconds to 1 minute later, and WITHOUT adding more poweder, i look super fresh & ready again.
Additionally, it has not broken out my skin either. WIN!!!

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