Wooden toilet brush

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Our toilet cleaning brushes are constructed with extra strong, plant based bristles for a thorough clean. Their heavy duty, stiff fibers eliminate tough stains around the toilet bowl, making cleaning a breeze.

The stand and handle are beautifully handcrafted from beechwood, making them highly durable.  The brush rests in the vertical stand for easy storage and access, but what truly sets them apart is the aesthetic. This high quality classic natural look is a fit in any style home. 

Use and care

For maintenance, rinse with water after each use; towel blot if necessary to remove excess moisture and air dry in stand.


Beechwood, tampico plant fiber, a glazed ceramic dish, and a few metal screws.




Hand made with renewable materials in Germany.

End of life

The stand is reusable - just replace the brush! The whole brush is compostable. If need be, the stand can be unscrewed and taken apart to compost the wood, and recycle the screws. The ceramic dish is very durable can be repurposed and reused in many ways, or donated to your local thrift shop.