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Coffeesock reusable filters make a noticeably superior brew from the very first pour.  The nut milk filters are made with organic cotton, a renewable resource.  They are a durable and cost effective alternative to paper filters.

What can you do with nut milk?  You can drink it or add it to coffee and smoothies.  You can pour it over cereal.  You can cook with it.  Bake with it.  Boil rice in it.  Make cheese.  Ice creams.  Almost anything you do with dairy can be done with nut milks.

It's good for you, and the cows can sleep in.  

How many nuts can you milk?  Almond nut, Macadamia nut, Cashew nut, Walnut nut, Brazil nut, Peanut (not a nut), but don't stop there.  Soy Beans, Rice, Oats (so quick, easy, and affordable to make!), Spelt, Barley, Coconut (also not a nut, it's a seed!), Sesame seed, Hemp Seed, Rice (Horchata).  Also teas, Black, Green, White, Hibiscus, Chai.


Packaging: Recyclable kraft cardboard box.

Footprint: Made from a renewable resource, sewn by hand and by machine at a family owned and operated company in Texas.  Cotton is sourced from both Texas and India, to source organic cotton in the most sustainable ways.

Care and Use: Simply compost the remaining nut pieces or use them in blended butters or as bases for soups, smoothies or baking.  Then hand wash the filter and hang to dry.

End of Life: Cotton nut filters can be composted.

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