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The Elate vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable brush collection adds the tools you need to your beauty ritual arsenal. These brushes move and distribute makeup products precisely and evenly, for longer-lasting wear with less product.

The bristles are made with Taklon, a high quality synthetic alternative to animal fur. Taklon is non-porous, naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, and dries faster than conventional brushes. The ferrule is made of high-grade aluminum and bound to the sustainable bamboo handle with an Eco-resin based glue.

Use and care 

For specific instructions, see notes under "brush types" tab.

Wash brushes weekly for best results. To wash, swirl the bristles in a mixture of soap, vinegar, and warm water in a small bowl, until the makeup is free from the bristles. Use your fingers to work out of the bristles if needed. Refresh the mixture when it becomes very cloudy. Rinse with water, pat to dry, and store with bristles pointed down to dry.

Brush types

Multi-Use BrushThis brush is a perfect balance between fluffy and firm. Our vegan Multi-Use brush flawlessly blends creams, powders, and liquids. It’s ideal for those who want to achieve a soft streak-free finish, with any medium. Use this brush to buff the product on your skin with soft circles. 

Pairs well with Fresh Tint Foundation (liquid), Pressed Foundation (powder), and 

Travel Liner/Brow Brush  - This brush has an angled side and is the perfect length the take you with you wherever you go. 

Pairs well with brow balm.

Cheek/Contour BrushApply blush, highlighter, and bronzer with this brush, which gives you precise control for achieving a sun-kissed glow. Place your bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks, dust lightly on the forehead, chin, and jaw line. Cheek color is best on the ‘apples’ and add highlight just above. 

Pairs well with Universal Crème.

Blending Brush - Apply, define and blend with the Elate Blending Brush! This brush has the perfect amount of ‘fluff’ for achieving the perfect smoky eye, or simply applying a base colour. Use for removing hard lines, adding in texture, and blending with powders or cremes.

Pairs well with Create Pressed Eyecolour.

Eyecolour Brush - Shade and blend eyeshadows with ease using this high-performance makeup brush. This versatile brush precisely blends cream or powder shadows on the lids, or concealers and foundations undereye and around the face. Its medium size bristles provide ultimate control. 

Pairs well with Create Pressed Eyecolour.

Brow/Liner Brush

The perfect brush for keeping your brows on fleek, at home, or on the go! The full-size Brow/Liner brush is double sided. It has an angled side for achieving that perfect line, and a spoolie side for taming and blending for the perfect natural brow. 

Materials / Ingredients

Elate bamboo brushes and made of sustainably sourced bamboo, with taklon bristles - a long-lasting synthetic alternative to animal fur. The ferrule is made of high-grade aluminum and bound to the sustainable bamboo handle with an Eco-resin based glue.




Sourced from Elate Cosmetics - based in Victoria, BC. 

Made in China. The bamboo itself also comes from China, where Elate works closely with a green certified, fair trade manufacturer. All their bamboo is water processed, not chemically treated.

End of life

These reusable brushes should last years with proper care. At the end of life, the handle is biodegradable, aluminum binding is recyclable, and bristles are landfilled.

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