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Lunette Period Cups are a wonderful zero waste alternative to tampons or pads for any one who menstruates. The cups dramatically reduce your risk for TSS and your environmental footprint. Plus, the average menstruator spends $120 on tampons and pads every year. Pick up one of these for $40 and it'll last you for years. The best part? You can leave it in for 12 hours at a time. You shouldn't have to interrupt your work day to change a tampon or spend time worrying about your period. Let's level the playing field. What will you do with your 12 hours?

Use and care

Rinse and wash with a gentle soap after each emptying; store in pouch. Boil between periods to sanitize.


A 100% zero waste product. The cups (clear and colored versions) are manufactured from the highest quality medical grade silicone (FDA Approved) and they do not contain any phthalates, bisphenol A, or heavy metals. 


This comes in simple, 100% compostable boxes. Even the clear window on the box is actually made of a sturdy plant cellulose - not plastic!


Sourced from Lunette, a woman-owned and operated company.

End of life

While a menstrual cup can last a woman several years, many women like to purchase a new menstrual cup every 1-3 years. Rather than throwing the retired menstrual cup in the trash, the Lunette can be safely burned and it will simply turn to ash.

Customer Reviews

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I was super nervous about making the switch to using a menstrual cup, but one of the girls from Eco Collective suggested the smaller blue Lunette Cup and it is Life Changing! I no longer need to buy any pads or tampons, I have experienced no leaks and I don't have to think about being on my period throughout the day. I am so happy I have tried Lunette cup and I am going to suggest this to all of my friends!

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