Refillable solid metal fountain pen

Product image 1Refillable solid metal fountain pen
Product image 2Refillable solid metal fountain pen
Product image 3Refillable solid metal fountain pen
Product image 4Refillable solid metal fountain pen
Product image 5Refillable solid metal fountain pen
Product image 6Refillable solid metal fountain pen
Product image 7Refillable solid metal fountain pen
Product image 8Refillable solid metal fountain pen

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These beautiful fountain pens will make every task a pleasure instead of a chore. Keep one in your purse, pocket or desk drawer; take good care of it, and it will last you a lifetime. 

The solid metal material of these pens is what sets them apart in their class. Not only are they forged of the highest quality metal, but the finish will patina beautifully over its lifetime, to your individual writing style.

The fountain pen is a beautiful low-waste waste solution for all your writing needs. There’s something so satisfying about the way they write, and how they flow as you draw them across the page.

Medium nib; easy for novices, yet pleasant to use for long time fountain pen loyalists.

Each pen comes with one blue ink cartridge inside the pen. We sell refill ink cartridges in blue and black.

Use and care

Each pen comes with one blue ink cartridge. To unseal the cartridge, untwist the tip of the pen off, and press the cartridge in to puncture it, allowing the ink to flow. Store tip down. Replace the cartridge when it runs out. Write often to reduce drying; If this happens, lightly wet the tip by dipping it on a wet paper towel or dipping it in a glass. You shouldn’t experience a leak, but if it happens, contact us to get in touch with the company. 


Made of solid high quality metal. We offer copper and brass.

The ink cartridge inside is in a small plastic casing to prevent leakage, and lasts about as long as a typical pen, therefore using a lot less plastic than disposable pen alternatives. 




Made by Kaweco in Germany, and sourced from a US distributor. Made to last a lifetime. 

Kaweco is a German based company and one of the oldest and best pen manufacturers in the world. The Liliput series was invented in 1908 and is one of their oldest series. Made of precious metal, it is one of the smallest fountain pens in the world at just over 3-3/4” when closed. Screw on the cap for added length to fit your hand with comfort.

End of life

Use this pen again and again with our fountain pen refill cartridges. And pass it down to your grandchildren ;).

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