Guppyfriend washing bag

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Countless tiny plastic fibers from synthetic garments are released during washing and make their way from washing machines into the environment. The Guppy bag protects your garments and can reduce the amount of microfibers that are released into rivers and oceans.

Take care of your gear and stop microplastic pollution. Microplastic is a huge problem because it works its way up the food chain and is harmful to the marine environment. These bags allow your clothes to get clean and can help keep these microfibers getting into the water system.

Another option for reducing microfiber pollution is a permanent washing machine filter (which requires some plumbing expertise to install), like Wexco’s Filtrol 160.

Use & Care

After a few washes, clean out the Guppyfriend bag by removing the small yet visible collection of microfibers and putting them in the trash bin. You'll see them build up after a few washes and can remove them when you do start spotting them.

Do not put the bag in the dryer. Do not iron or sun dry.

Fill the bag halfway with clothing, at the maximum, and wash with similar colors. If you are washing something by hand, you can use the bag to filter the wastewater as well.

Works best with liquid detergent.


Made entirely of polyamide.


Recyclable paper box.


Made by Stop! Micro Waste, a non-profit organization from Berlin, Germany, initiated by Langbrett, a group of surfers and nature lovers.

End of Life

The Guppyfriend should last for years, but should you need to dispose of it, it is made entirely of polyamide and can be recycled in groups of identical materials, where accepted (remove the zipper prior to recycling). For more disposal instructions, visit

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