Furoshiki Cloths

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The Japanese art of Furoshiki is a beautiful tradition of wrapping items in cloth.  These reusable cloths are unendingly versatile - they can be used as anything from a handkerchief to wrapping up leftovers at a restaurant.  They can carry a book to the park, your lunch on your way to work, and a bottle of wine to a friend's party... sometimes all in one day!

Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home even has her kids wrap their lunches in Furoshiki cloths.  We always have one on us, and they sure do come in handy.

They're convenient, reusable, versatile, and cost effective.

Packaging: None.

Footprint: Our wonderful friend Keiko brought these back for us from Japan on her last trip home to see her family.

Care & Use: Machine wash with your regular load (handwash first to avoid color bleeding) and hang to dry.

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