Dust pan and hand broom set

Product image 1Dust pan and hand broom set
Product image 2Dust pan and hand broom set
Product image 3Dust pan and hand broom set
Product image 4Dust pan and hand broom set
Product image 5Dust pan and hand broom set

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A plastic free essential for cleaning your home. The soft bristles make the brush ideal for sweeping up dust and debris, collecting it neatly in the chic metal tray. Fine craftsmanship is evident in the design. This is the kind of cleaning tool you'll want to have on display.

One set has a magnetic handle that attaches to the dust pan for ease of storage. It is slightly more compact, and the bristles are made with horsehair.

The set without the magnet has a simple cord to hang pan and broom separately. It is slightly larger and is made with arenga fiber, a plant material made from the leaves of a palm tree.  It's designed for a garden or mudroom.

Use and care

Sweep up small messes and dust piles from a bigger sweeping job. 


Stainless steel and oiled beechwood. The set with the magnet has horsehair bristles while the set without magnet is made with arenga fiber (plant-based, vegan).




Made in Germany by Redecker with sustainably sourced wood.

End of life

Hand broom can be composted in a commercial facility. The dust pan should be separated to recycle and compost the metal and wood, respectively.

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