Dish Brush Replacement Head

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These replacement heads for our wooden dish brushes are completely compostable. They can be used by themselves for cleaning or dishes, or attached to the wooden handle, sold separately.

The soft horsehair bristles are surprisingly effective and are good for reaching corners and cleaning wine glasses, jars and vases.  The stiffer plant based bristles have more scrubbing power to get cooked-on messes off.  Genevieve has one of each at home and uses them interchangeably for whatever she's washing.

Built to last.


Packaging: None

Materials: Wood with plant based bristles (tan) or horsehair (dark brown)

Footprint: Made in Germany by Redecker.

Use & Care: Store where the bristles can dry. Boil to sanitize if necessary.

End of Life: Compost or Repurpose elsewhere in your home.

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