Cellulose reusable lunch bag

Product image 1Cellulose reusable lunch bag
Product image 2Cellulose reusable lunch bag
Product image 3Cellulose reusable lunch bag
Product image 4Cellulose reusable lunch bag
Product image 5Cellulose reusable lunch bag

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These handmade waxy canvas bags are entirely plant based.  Reusable and durable, they're ideal for storing or transporting your lunch, snacks, produce from the store, small grocery items and more.  It is reminiscent of a brown paper lunch bag yet meant to be reused.

Each bag has a unique look since they are fashioned by hand.  The brown leather look is derived from cellulose, the pulp of plants and wood, and is a renewable resource.  An instant essential.

Measures 4-3/4" x 4-3/4" x 9-3/4"


Packaging: None.

Material: Sustainable plant fiber; composition includes 92% cellulose, 5% latex binder, 3% water and color pigments.

Footprint: Made in Germany; 100% sustainable and ecologically friendly.

 Use & Care: Washable at a maximum temperature of 30° C; spot clean for regular maintenance with a damp cloth.

End of Life: 100% Compostable.

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