Airtight glass jars

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If you're looking for a sturdy swing-top glass jar that's the perfect size for buying in bulk, we've got just the thing.

Whether you're buying nuts, rice, beans, pasta, cereal or snacks, these beauties will keep your pantry items organized and easy to see, so you can keep some variety in your meal planning.  The rubber ring keeps the jars airtight and the food fresh.

Use and care

Separate rubber gasket from lid and wash all parts in a dishwasher or by hand.


Comes in two sizes - 30 oz and and 38 oz capacity.


Glass, rubber, and metal.


Paper barrier between lid and base.


Made in Italy. Sourced from a local supplier in Georgetown, just south of Seattle.

End of life

This jar can last a lifetime. Rubber gaskets may need to be replaced after years of use. 

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