Safety razor replacement blades - set of 5

Product image 1Safety razor replacement blades - set of 5
Product image 2Safety razor replacement blades - set of 5
Product image 3Safety razor replacement blades - set of 5
Product image 4Safety razor replacement blades - set of 5
Product image 5Safety razor replacement blades - set of 5

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Our replacement blades fit perfectly with our safety razor and are just $1! The dual blade allows you to use both sides of the same blade, lasting at least twice as long as a disposable razor.

Use and care

Use with our stainless steel safety razor. To insert a new blade, untwist the top of the razor head, gripping the sides to avoid touching the sharp part fo the blade. Separate the pieces, and place the new blade between the two pieces of the razor head, allowing the metal posts to keep it in place.

When shaving, allow the weight of the razor to guide you; never press down with the razor head or drag it across your skin like you might with a disposable razor. Use shaving soap for best results. When you follow these tips, you'll have a cleaner, safer shave. To travel, simply remove the blade. Dry off the razor after each use and replace the blade when it becomes dull; Bea Johnson says her sons take the razor head apart to let the blade dry after every shave, and the blades last them for an impressive 6 months!


One pack of 5 double-edged blades. The package weighs 0.5 oz.




These blades come in a small recyclable paper box, and each blade is wrapped in paper.


Manufactured in Russia.

End of life

Recycle or compost the packaging. Blades can be sharpened with denim or recycled inside of an aluminum can.

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