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New Year, New Earth! We are hosting a 21 day zero waste challenge.

We are hosting a 21 day zero waste challenge called New Year, New Earth, starting on Monday, January 6th. Each day we'll focus on a different topic of sustainability.

Throughout the 21 days, we'll be posting videos and Q&A's on our Instagram and Youtube channels, where we'll give you the resources and tips you need to take the next step.

Plus, when you sign up, you'll get a FREE download of the printable calendar, with all 21 challenges for you to check off as you go. You can also pick up a printed version at our Seattle storefront while supplies last.

Share your successes on Instagram with the hashtag #newyearnewearth, and tag us, @ecocollective_

Sign up for the challenge.

New Year, New Earth challenge calendar pdf preview

How to take better care of your clothes so they last longer

When you take care of your clothes, keep up with minor repairs, and line dry your laundry, you can keep your clothing in better condition over the years for a more sustainable wardrobe. Read about all this and more, and get tips on how often to wash your favorite denim in our article on clothing care.

Australia is burning, and we need your help.

The wildfires in Australia have been raging since September, and the situation has become quite dire. A third of koalas and half a billion other species have been lost, and at least 17 people have died. More than 11 million acres of forest have burned. In comparison, the fires in the Amazon burned 2 million acres. There are so many firefighters working to put out the fires and volunteering their time, and we need your help to support their efforts.

If you are able, please consider donating to places like New South Wales rural fire fighting service.

Start 2020 refreshed and inspired with our zero waste bookshelf.

Find books on mindful travel, clothing repairhomemade infusions, and so much more to refresh and inspire your zero waste journey. Our book collection has grown to include so many fun experiences and topics for the sustainable lifestyle.

Stay organized this year with our recycled paper planners.

Start the New Year right and stay organized with our open dated planners printed on recycled paper in the US using hydropower. It has space to set weekly intentions, take notes and plan out each day.

Open dated recycled paper planners

Aspiring to zero waste meal prep this year?

Get off to a healthy and balanced start by doing some zero waste meal prepping each week. Our stasher bags are perfect for proportioning chopped up veggies and fruits for smoothies, salads or soups. Our stainless steel food containers have all kinds of sizes and options, and our microwaveable ceramic and glass containers are handy for taking to work or storing leftovers!

How do you do zero waste meal prep? Tag us on Instagram @ecocollective_.

Zero waste refrigerator