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10 zero waste swaps to try for plastic free July

Plastic Free July was started as a personal challenge and is now a global movement to refuse single use plastic and try different ways to reduce waste in your own life. Whether it's bringing your own coffee cup, buying unpackaged produce, bringing your bags to the store, shopping at the farmer's markets, learning new cooking or baking methods, or getting your food from the bulk section, you can make a difference by trying a new sustainable habit this July. Do it with friends or pick a fun new thing to learn or try, and you'll be on your way to a low waste summer and cleaner oceans, cleaner streets, and cleaner air for all of us.
Here's a list we put together of our top favorite zero waste swaps for you to try this Plastic Free July.

Plastic free picnic

What's new at Eco Collective

Wooden drying racks

These lovely wood drying racks are hand carved to hold water bottles, glass jars, beeswax wraps, reusable baggies, whatever else you wash, rinse and dry in your kitchen. They look beautiful on the counter and help things dry quickly by letting water drain out and air circulate.

Charcoal water filters

Charcoal water filters are the plastic-free way to delicious, clean tasting water. Simply place the appropriate size in a pitcher, water bottle, or large jug, and let the stick of charcoal get to work filtering out impurities and enhancing the taste of your water.

charcoal water filter

Reef-safe sunscreen

Kiss ocean-damaging sunscreens goodbye! Our reef-safe formula is chock full of natural botanical ingredients, and it comes in a completely compostable tube. It's all purpose for face, lips and body, and water resistant for 80 minutes.

Foldable spork

This is one of our absolute favorite products! It's super practical and handy. This foldable stainless steel spork can fit in your pocket, purse, wallet or in your child's lunch bag. It features a deep bowl shape to make it easy to eat soups or stews and it has little tines to grab food such as carrots or potatoes easily.

It's the perfect size for travel since it doesn't take up much space, and you can take it through TSA. It's also great to have when you stop by your favorite take-out restaurant or food truck instead of using disposable utensils. The companion certified organic cotton pouch makes it easy to stow cleanly when on the go.  

Foldable spork

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Easy ideas for upcycling what you already have at home

At Eco Collective, our goal is to empower individuals to reduce their waste with sustainable alternatives, but zero waste isn’t always about buying new! In fact, we encourage our customers to check secondhand stores first or see what they already have at home before investing in a new reusable. The truth is, the least wasteful thing we can do is to reuse something we already have. 

Here’s a list of some fun ways we’ve reused and upcycled ordinary things in our homes.

DIY bamboo utensil set