Yay for Earth sensitive skin face lotion

Product image 1Yay for Earth sensitive skin face lotion
Product image 2Yay for Earth sensitive skin face lotion
Product image 3Yay for Earth sensitive skin face lotion
Product image 4Yay for Earth sensitive skin face lotion

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An everyday face moisturizer that can be applied anytime to balance, calm, & hydrate the skin - and give your face a glow! It can be applied in the morning before sunscreen and make up and/or before bed after you've washed your face. Apply on top of serums or other treatments if you're using any.

Olive oil is an antioxidant and moisturizer, shea butter has anti inflammatory and collagen boosting properties, beeswax and honey has anti-viral & anti-bacterial compounds, and pomegranate seed oil is anti-aging. The perfect medley for a calm, happy, healthy and glowing face! 

Use and care

Yay for Earth lotion can be used day & night on the face for sensitive skin and all skin types. This is an oil-based moisturizer, more of a balm rather than a cream or chemical base, so you only need a very little bit for it to yield full benefits. A little goes a VERY long way, so use sparingly!

Apply small amount (about a half a pea size) to fingers and rub together and apply to face or area where needed. Start with a little and build up if you need to.


Organic Olive Oil, Local Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Raw Local Honey, Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil.


Packaged in reusable glass jars with metal lids.


Handmade in New York by Yay for Earth, a woman-owned brand founded by @stevieyaaaay, a charismatic zero waste and animal welfare advocate. Made with the purest natural and local ingredients. Sourced from partners Stevie knows and trusts. 

End of life

Reuse the jar for travel, DIY projects, snacks and more! Pass it along, or recycle it if need be.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cleared up my acne and now my skin is glowing in the best way.

Love this product. It's the second time I'm buying it and this time around the product has applied slightly smoother, which could be from the seasonal flowers' pollen in the beeswax, idk. Anyway, I'm not going back to other face moisturizers because I believe with these simple, yet powerful ingredients, will keep my face acne free, youthful, and hella glowy.

Yay for earth!

A little bit goes a long way- I use this every day and I love it!

Love this stuff

A little goes a long way and this has saved my dry winter skin. Also love the eco friendly packaging and formula.


Personally found this a little oilier than expected, use on my hands:)

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