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We gather our sage from the desert just on the other side of the Cascades.

Smudging (the act of burning sage) has its roots in the tribal ceremonies and healing rituals of indigenous peoples around the world. It has been used for everything from headaches to cleansing a home after an illness and even regaining strength after childbirth.  

A study done by the National Botanical Research Institute in 2007 showed that sage smoke can disinfect approximately 94% of bacteria from the air.  Such a powerful plant!

Burn some sage...

  • When moving into a new home or apartment
  • Before starting a new job or launching your own company
  • Before yoga or meditation practices
  • Before and after entertaining guests in your home
  • After recovering from an illness
  • When returning home from travel
  • Moments when you want a little strength or clarity

Our local varietal of Sage Brush (Artemisia tridentata) has the same rich, woodsy scent as White Sage, but is less likely to be overharvested, making it a more sustainable choice.


Packaging: None

Footprint: Hand harvested locally in Western Washington

Care and use: Light from the top, and let it all go!  Except the sage, don't drop that.  Practice safe burning.

End of Life: Be sure to compost any strings or sprigs you don't burn.

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