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We offer a variety of eco-friendly toys for your furry friends!  We know you care about your pups and want the best, safest toys out there.  Dogs love the smell of natural wool and hemp, and these toys are 100% natural, non-toxic, and lead-free.  They're also durable, which is safer for them, and better for your wallet, so you can play worry-free.


Eco Fetcher (Medium - 7") Frisbee:  A pet favorite.  It flies, rolls, and even floats!  Its extra-durable natural hemp construction stands up to even the toughest dogs. Inside is a core of natural wool for distance and to make it float.

Eco Tosser Ball (2" and 3"):  Pet owners who are concerned about harmful chemicals are replacing every tennis ball in their dog’s toy box with the Eco Tosser. It’s completely non-toxic, lead-free and earth-friendly, unlike regular tennis balls which are made out of plastic and treated with fungicide. The Eco Tosser toys are made of natural hemp canvas outer layer and stuffed with natural organic wool. 

Eco Tugger (Medium - 12"):  A classic.  It's perfect for interactive tugging fun with your dog. Households with more than one dog have found this toy to be especially entertaining.

Eco Quacker (Large - 23"):  This one has been a huge hit with dogs and dog owners across the United States and abroad.  It’s a durable, hemp canvas duck, stuffed with organic wool, with a chirping noisemaker double-stitched inside a heavy pouch in the tail of the duck.  A great training tool, and fun for dogs of all sizes; small quacker (11") coming soon for puppies!  Like all their toys, it is non-toxic, earth-friendly, and super tough. 

Use and care

All are machine washable and dryable, except the Eco Fetcher which is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, but they advise "For best results, hand wash, cold water, mild soap, air dry."


Toys come on a paper sheet with a few small plastic bits that are required by the government for pet toys manufactured in the US.  We love supporting a small business that is doing so much good.


Sourced from Honest Pet Products. All handmade by differently abled adults in Wisconsin. 

End of life

The toys are super durable, but should you wish to retire them, they can be composted in commercial facilities since they are made from 100% natural fibers.  (The noisemaker must first be removed from the Quacker.)

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