Two-tier stainless steel lunch tiffin (mini)

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This double stack stainless steel container is perfect for snacks on the go.  The handle makes it a cute little lunch pail, and the two containers keep your foods separate and fresh.

This kind of lunch box has been used for years and years in Asia to transport various types of food to school or to work. 

Each compartment can be re-heated separately or used as a bowl. It works really well for carrying cut vegetables, rice or pasta dishes, nachos, nuts, and salads as long as the contents are not too liquidy (best to keep them upright if carrying a liquid). The compartments are not watertight.  

Each compartment is 4" wide by 2" high and the total height to the top of the handle is 6 1/8"

Looking for a watertight option?  Check out our round containers or sandwich size.  We also carry a mini 3-tiered tiffin and a larger 3 tiered tiffin of this style.

Packaging: None.

Footprint: Life Without Plastic is an awesome company owned by a family of activists who were seeking eco-friendly alternatives for years before launching their store.

Care & Use: Dishwasher-safe.