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100% compostable phone cases.  Choose this stylish plant-based case for your next phone and get one step closer to a plastic free life.

These innovative cases are carefully designed to protect the front of your phone.  Precision cuts around the speakers, charger portal, volume, camera & power buttons create a quality user experience.  Pela cases are smooth to the touch and flexible, with no extra bulk.


Materials: Made with starch-based bio-polymer and flax straw "waste" for added strength.  Free from BPA, lead, cadmium & phthalates.  The flax shive has natural shock absorbing properties, making it extra protective.

Footprint: Made with low-impact manufacturing, which produces less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastic.

Packaging: None

End of Life: Meets US & EU standards for composting in an industrial facility or backyard compost!

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