Wool dryer balls

Product image 1Wool dryer balls
Product image 2Wool dryer balls
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These organic wool dryer balls replace dryer sheets, but they do more than that - they reduce drying time by about 30%. Through the natural properties of wool, they absorb some of the moisture from small and medium loads and speed up the process.

They also reduce wrinkles and static. We honestly didn't believe them til we tried them. The standard is 3 per load, or 6 for a family size load. If you need to buy a replacement one by itself, we offer that option as well.

To keep them together, we suggest using a cloth bag or a mesh laundry bag or even a jar or other container in your laundry room.

Use and care

It goes without saying, but don't wash them with your regular load unless you are cleaning them; they only work in the dryer when they are completely dry themselves. 


100% organic wool, felted.




Made locally by Soaring Heart Natural Beds with sustainable natural materials.

End of life

At the end of their life, you can compost them.

Customer Reviews

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Love these!

Shorter drying time and no more tangled staticky sheets and towels!


Love these!

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